McDonald’s and Dynamic Yield: What it Means for Retailers

McDonald’s recently made headlines in the technology world when they announced their $300m acquisition of personalization platform Dynamic Yield. This unusual pairing underscores a critical point in the evolution of omnichannel retail: 1-to-1 personalization is becoming a default layer of any shopping experiences involving a digital interface. And nowadays, digital experiences are found everywhere — […]

What’s New in Nosto: Applying Advanced Trigger Capabilities to Onsite Pop-up Campaigns

With Nosto’s new Onsite Pop-up triggers, customers can add an increased layer of personalization to pop-up campaigns that engages hesitant shoppers with highly targeted messaging. The result: a decrease in cart abandonment and incentivized repeat purchases. Pop-ups 101: Why (and How) Do We Use Them? In case you suspect the definition of a pop-up has […]

How Boosting Customer Loyalty Improves 4 Vital Metrics for Fashion Ecommerce Retailers

In this article, our friends at LoyaltyLion take a look at four industry benchmarks — as outlined in Nosto’s latest report on the state of fashion ecommerce — and share how focusing on customer loyalty and retention will help you improve your results. While Amazon may dominate ecommerce market share, they’re yet to fully crack […]