Building eCommerce Search In-house: Common misconception that we hear from CTOs

We are starting a Youtube channel because in the last 6 years we at SearchNode have gained A LOT of experience on eCommerce search development.

We’ve built ~80 custom search solutions for our clients, we also stay in touch with eCommerce companies which are building search in-house with Elastic or Solr. All of them are retailers generating from $10M to $1B annual online turnover.

So we thought that it would be really valuable to share know-how, best practices, fails and “low hanging fruits” with eCommerce community.

In the first video, we talk about 1 important misconception that we sometimes hear from CTOs and tech leads in quite big eCommerce companies while building search in-house with Elastic or Solr.

So I shared our experience and my advice on this topic, which should help many online retailers who are thinking about search strategy.

Finally, we’d like to invite fellows search & eCommerce professionals to share your know-how, insights or even join me and make a Youtube podcast together at our channel. Feel free to share your questions and topics you would like me to cover in our Youtube channel.

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