lift in conversion rate for repeat buyers


lift in conversion rate for first-time buyers

About Beer Hawk

Beer Hawk is the UK’s leading craft beer retailer, offering a highly curated range of over 1,000 of the best craft and speciality beers from around the world, via a “pick n’ mix” selection, discovery cases, a monthly beer subscription club and a large selection of beery gifts. Their mission is to inspire their customers to discover their next favourite beer.   Founded in 2012, by Mark Roberts and Chris France, as a B2C online retailer, Beer Hawk has developed into an omni-channel business with B2B channels, the opening of two bars and bottle shops in London, with two more openings expected in September, and a trade service to independent retailers, pubs and restaurants.  Beer Hawk has been on a consistent fast-track growth trajectory over the past 7 years from two to seventy-nine staff and zero to a turnover of £20million this year.


Beer Hawk’s team understands the importance of personalisation, as can be seen by their decision to work with Nosto in the first place, but they were curious to learn exactly how much certain personalized details affect the bottom line. As their most robust personalized content initiative at the time, it made sense for the Beer Hawk team to first figure out how much their personalized product recommendations are increasing their conversion rate.


When Beer Hawk first learned of Nosto’s new A/B Testing and Optimisation, they were excited to give it a try. Due to their internal culture of robust experimentation, they quickly began building out a test to see how different variations of personalised product recommendations affect their conversion rates. The Beer Hawk team set up their test to measure how recommendations that are tied to actual customer behavior (such as beer type preference) performed compared to more general recommendations (such as similar products or affordable add-ons) when they appear on the cart page.


Once the test achieved significance, Beer Hawk dissected the results by segment to uncover more useful insights (such as whether Variation A performed better than Variation B, or vice-versa). This deeper dive led to Beer Hawk discovering that not only do the more personalised recommendations increase conversion rates for both first-time customers and repeat loyal customers, but they also increase average order value within both segments. The brand then replicated the test on their homepage in order to increase visibility and learn if the page location of the recommendations would change the results. The conclusion was the same, and Beer Hawk now knew how to optimise for both a higher conversion rate and average order value within two of their key segments.


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