About Campus Protein

Founded in 2010 at Indiana University, Campus Protein’s mission is to be the one-stop shop for college students who want brand name supplements and vitamins at affordable prices. As a college student himself, Russell Saks saw a huge opportunity when his friends were spending more money on supplements in-store—primarily to get sales rep’s personalized guidance on what to take based on their personal health goals. By establishing a robust online store, affordable pricing, fast shipments and campus reps on the ground to provide 1:1 advice, Campus Protein cracked the code. Today, Campus Protein has 10 warehouses across the country, are on 300 college campuses and have over 1,500 campus reps.


Shopping for supplements and vitamins is an extremely unique endeavour from one shopper to the next: the perfect product can depend on body type, gender, goals and more. Campus Protein was challenged with how they can provide the same 1:1 experience shoppers can get offline and bring it online. To do this, they mostly rely on their campus reps. In order to build a network of campus reps and customers, they needed a reputable and reliable online presence that people could trust and want to be a part of. 


A Reliable Platform with Visual Appeal

Shopify Plus acts as the backbone of their website with constant reliability and a robust framework, while BVAccel brings the development, style and flow of the site. A visually appealing site that is optimal for all devices is a game-changer. This transformation contributed to an overall 26% increase in site traffic.

Product Recommendations

Nosto took Campus Protein’s site to a new level from a user experience point of view: much like campus reps provide students with guidance in person, Nosto brings that same personal touch to online browsers with personalized recommendations site-wide. As a result, visitors to the site are 2x more likely to convert into buying customers.

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