About Cordings

Cordings is a well-known British heritage brand with centuries of history and one of the most recognisable storefronts on Piccadilly. Starting out in 1839 as a manufacturer of waterproof jackets, Cordings eventually received a royal warrant as water proofers to King George V. But it was during London’s famous Roaring Twenties that the Piccadilly store gained recognition as the classic yet contemporary country-wear for which it is still famous today.

Now partly-owned by Sir Eric Clapton, who has been a lifelong fan of the iconic tweed jackets, Cordings remains a strong British heritage brand known for its clothes for both men and women, which are simultaneously stylish and practical in the field all across the globe. Today, Cordings’ online store is thriving thanks to a strong home market and growing international demand.


The tweed, field clothing and outerwear that comprises the heart of Cordings’ range are seasonally stronger during Autumn than Summer. That said, the brand does carry Spring and Summer collections, as well, and their challenge was to sell these collections during the summer sale season in order to prepare for the increased levels of stock coming in for Autumn.

Their main objective during the summer sale season was to display the offers involving their collections for the warmer seasons to as many customers and prospects as possible. Their secondary goal was to ensure the online journey was as simplified as it could be for these customers and prospects. Basically, they wanted to make the bargains visible as soon as people hit the site, and then make the journey to conversion as seamless as possible.


Facebook ad investment

Summer sale season is the perfect time to retarget cart abandoners. Cordings cast their net wide with Facebook and Instagram ads targeting any customers who had abandoned their carts in the past 90 days, enticing them back with urgent calls to action and relevant product images displaying seasonal discounts. By investing just slightly more than usual on social ads spend during this peak season, Cordings saw a 1367% increase in return on ad spend with 2126 add to carts as a direct result of this initiative.

Using pop-ups to incentivise conversion

As we all know, clicks that lead to nothing can cost a business dearly, so Nosto and Cordings came up with a strategy to incentivise shoppers once they landed on the site via Facebook ad. This came in the form of a pop-up offering UK customers  a free shipping code for £7 off. The same pop-up was served to customers navigating away from the cart page when they had a value of £50+ in their basket, to avoid losing the higher value sales. These pop-ups accounted for 2.5% of all online sales over the month of July, and had the added benefit of gathering 74 emails for Cordings’ list!


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