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lift in revenue per visitor

About Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley is a leading global lifestyle brand guided by the philosophy that “fashion is an adventure,” with pretty-meets-sporty designs for both style and comfort. Based in New York City, the collection is sold online at cynthiarowley.com, at Cynthia Rowley boutiques nationwide, as well as select specialty retailers and nomadic pop-up retail concepts.



Cynthia Rowley is a big believer in personalization and had been using Nosto’s personalized product recommendations across multiple site pages, as well as pop-ups on a seasonal basis. As a brand always looking for ways they can innovate and deliver the best customer experience, the Cynthia Rowley ecommerce team wanted to ensure that each personalization tactic was rigorously A/B tested and optimized.


However, the team had historically been held back from doing as much testing as they would have liked. Most A/B testing tools were too complex, required development work to implement or were not built for the specific needs of ecommerce marketers. Additionally, the team had concerns that testing variations of different strategies that ended up converting poorly exposed them to revenue risk.


Easy deployment of high impact tests

When they were first introduced to Nosto’s new A/B Testing and Optimization tool, the Cynthia Rowley team knew the first thing they wanted to test was a different strategy on some of their category pages with the highest traffic. They decided to test personalized recommendations based on brand and product affinity versus the status quo experience. The results were that the new recommendation strategy provided a 15% lift in conversion rate and an 8% lift in revenue per visitor. These significant and valuable results—combined with the fact that the test was so easy to set up—inspired the team to immediately begin planning for additional tests.


Testing while minimizing risk of revenue loss

Nosto’s Continuous Optimization feature, which automatically adjusts more traffic to winning variations once statistical significance is shown, was enabled at the outset for this test. In the 2nd week of the test, the algorithm detected a potential winning variation and automatically began allocating more traffic to it to minimize any negative impact the test could have on revenue. This happened seamlessly in the background, freeing the Cynthia Rowley ecommerce team from having to constantly check on the test.

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