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About Domu Brands

Domu Brands are based in the heart of Manchester with an ever-expanding portfolio of carefully curated products picked by their dedicated team. Made up of the best professionals in the industry, Domu Brands encourages an open-minded and creative culture while listening closely to market trends and customers, resulting in extremely high levels of customer satisfaction. Since going live with Nosto in 2016, the original Domu website continued to grow until 2018 when the decision was made to split the site into three distinct brands: VonHaus, VonShef and Beautify.


With such a diverse product range, manually merchandising recommendations for every product on the site was time consuming and products selected were not always necessarily the right fit for customers. Automating this process allowed the team to be more time-efficient — and as Nosto’s algorithms are constantly learning and analysing data, recommendations are self-sufficient and highly accurate. Using Nosto’s segmentation tool has also allowed the team to identify room for improvement in customer experience. By analysing the behaviour of different customer types, DOMU can help each of their customers find the perfect products for them at the right time.


Product Recommendations

Across all three Domu Brand sites (VonHaus, VonShef & Beautify) product recommendations are used to guide customers to the right product at the right time. On product pages, these recommendations result in a 3.12% CR for VonShef and an 8.55% CTR for Von Haus. The often forgotten pages — such as the 404 and thank you pages — also use product recommendations to guide lost customers back on the right track or encourage them to purchase a complimentary item. In the case of VonHaus, these recommendations have a 17% CTR, and Von Shef’s thank you page generating a 5.77% CR.


New visitor pop-ups

In order to create excitement over the new site, Beautify runs a competition for new customers to be entered into a prize draw. The pop up has so far gathered over 7000 email addresses giving Beautify another touch point with their customers.


Personal shopper emails

One thing Beautify capitalises on is relevant email marketing. Whether part of a welcome series or letting their customers know about a new range of products launched on the store, there is always a suggestion of products customers may be interested in. A recent Mother’s Day reminder campaign has generated a 12% CTR from the email and more personalised recommendations included in their newsletters have seen close to a 4% CR, by adding a convenient and relevant draw for customers checking their emails to return to the site.

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