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About Industry West

Founded by Jordan and Anne England in 2010, Industry West provides a highly curated selection of home decor and furnishings from around the world for both residential and commercial use. Industry West partners with designers and manufacturers who are passionate about design and value to provide unique, high-quality pieces to shoppers. Initially an online-only company, Industry West has expanded their presence to the bricks-and-mortar market, opening retail spaces in Jacksonville and New York. The brand ships directly from their warehouses on both coasts of the United States, offering industry-best lead times.


As an ecommerce-first company, it was crucial for Industry West to drive conversions and revenue. Before working with Nosto, Industry West manually created basic product recommendations on their PDPs through their ecommerce platform. This process was extremely time-intensive and limited in personalization capabilities across their online store. Interested in improving the shopping experience, driving sales and saving time, Industry West began looking for personalization vendors.


Customizing the Entire Site with Content Personalization

With only a few seconds to grab a shopper’s attention, it is crucial to maximize product visibility the moment a visitor lands on the store site. Using Nosto, Industry West is able to customize all onsite content: including banners, hero images and product recommendations to different audience segments. Whether the shopper is a first time visitor, repeat visitor or past customer, these elements will automatically customize to display what is relevant to them and their shopping journey.


  • For new visitors, using crowd logic, “best seller” and “trending now” content and recommendations can inspire and guide them to get to know the brand and their most popular items.
  • Repeat visitors that have not made a purchase are presented with personalized “continue browsing” recommendations based on their browsing history from past visits. This allows the shopper to jump back into where they left off. The copy onsite becomes more product-specific as this audience is in the “consideration” stage of the buying process and this will help educate them to make an informed purchase.
  • Repeat visitors that have shown an affinity to lighting products in their past browsing history will see a top banner with a discount code specific to lighting products, enticing them to make the purchase.
  • Past customers know the value of buying from Industry West. To encourage further purchases, these customers are shown discount hero and top banners and “quick ship” options for product recommendations. The refinancing information section is removed as these customers have already been presented this information in a past purchase.


Displaying Personalized Product Recommendations Site-wide

Industry West displays Onsite Product Recommendations using a number of strategies to increase conversion, average order value (AOV) and create a seamless experience for their shoppers.

  • On product description pages (PDPs), cross-sell and related product recommendations are shown to help the shopper compare options and find the best fit for them.
  • If a visitor stumbles upon a 404 page, browsing history-based recommendations are displayed to help resume the shopping session.
  • To enhance category pages, best sellers specific to the product category are displayed to inspire the shopper to browse the most popular items within that product category.
  • To increase AOV at point of purchase, complimentary and lower-ticket products are recommended to the shopper under the headline “customers who bought these also bought” along with the item they are ready to purchase.

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