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About Tuandco

Founded in 2014 by two Spanish entrepreneurs,  was the first fully digital store in Spain dedicated to providing affordable home renovation and repair services to transform a home’s aesthetic. The company offers a wide range of spare parts and home accessories as well as professional advice to guide customers towards the right product installations and maintenance options. In their ‘Aprende & Mejora’ blog, a team of home maintenance professionals offer valuable information and advice in the form of articles and video tutorials aimed at assisting customers with their home projects. In addition, Tuandco maintains an updated product catalog with more than 300,000 references: from bathroom accessories to products for kitchens, pools, decoration, heating and water treatment.


For Tuandco, relevance and convenience are key: their main goal is to offer a user-friendly experience that is both personalized for the customer and easy to navigate. However, the company’s extensive 300,000+ product catalog made it difficult for them to facilitate these goals. The company also experienced challenges with increasing cross-selling opportunities onsite which inhibited them from achieving higher levels of product discovery, conversion and sales.


To tackle these challenges, Tuandco turned to Nosto for its ease of use, fast deployment and ability to quickly action behavioral data across their website to deliver relevant product content. To streamline the types of products shown to shoppers and encourage additional purchases, the retailer uses a variety of valuable customer insights and recommendation algorithms to offer product recommendations on their most critical site pages and external communication channel.

Actioning Segmentation and Insights to better understand customer intent


Nosto provides a detailed analysis of where, when and how Tuandco’s different customer segments buy and interact with the store. This provides the retailer with deeper context regarding their clients’ most relevant affinities and needs. Based on these analyses, Tuandco was able to strengthen how they streamline and manage their product catalog: offering a more suitable assortment each season, impact the quality and accuracy of the products they cross-sell, get a clearer view of which products sell and which do not, and gain the ability to offer unique and completely customized products for their customers.


Product Recommendations on critical site pages to increase conversion


Recommendations on the Home page target new and existing customers alike. New customers are shown the most popular products based on behavioral data from past customers to inspire their first visit onsite (and gather valuable data on their shopping behavior in the process). Current customers are shown products related to previous or current browsing sessions. The recommendations shown to both subsets of shoppers vary depending on the season, number of visits and sales.


Shoppers who land on the Category page are shown product recommendations based on the given product category they are viewing. These recommendations showcase best sellers or top viewed products of the last week within that category.

Product recommendations showcased on the Product page allow for increases in cross-selling opportunities, displaying products that are complementary to the ones that the shopper has already browsed. Cross-sell products are based on the highest scored products that other visitors have purchased with the item currently displayed, which provides a more complete and relevant product browsing experience.

Nosto’s behavioral Pop-ups and Overlay Banners are used on Tuandco’s site to address both seasonal shifts, re-engagement and retention opportunities. During discount-heavy seasons and national holidays, shoppers are shown enticing, season-friendly product content and discounts to avoid traffic loss and inspire further browsing. Pop-ups and Overlay banners also collect emails from new visitors and re-introduce abandoned cart content to increase conversion potential. Their content encourages shoppers to take immediate action through: discount bonuses, email recovery, free shipping offers, engaging images and informational text.

Expanding the E-commerce experience to email campaigns


Tuandco deploys two types of personalized emails catered to the interests and needs of each individual client. This ensures that customers keep the retailer’s products in mind even after leaving the website.

Abandoned cart triggered emails showcase the products that a shopper has added to their cart but left behind – due to either indecision or lack of time. In addition to abandoned products, shoppers are shown complementary products to their abandoned cart based on their past browsing activities or viewed products. Displaying these products via email are shown to recuperate orders effectively and increase the store’s conversion rate.

Utilizing email widgets for a more dynamic experience


Browsing history email widget: Tuandco’s “Welcome” email campaign contains a widget that recommends personalized products that shift dynamically and automatically each time the email is opened. This recommendation widget is based on previous browsing behavior to deliver only the most relevant content for each customer in real-time.


Why Nosto?

Nosto helps us effectively to personalize our store with the right product recommendations based on browsing trends. It is a very agile and useful tool to capture the attention of our users providing added value to our store product pages.





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