How Casio streamlines product discovery & urges shoppers to buy direct


CVR on discount pop-ups


of sales attributed to Product Recommendations


CVR on cart pages
With its iconic consumer electronics goods stocked broadly among third-party retailers, it is all the more important that Casio (along with its secondary G-Shock brand) owns engaging DTC ecommerce stores that promise relevant, streamlined shopping experiences and encourage people to shop direct.

In this case study, you’ll discover how Casio and G-Shock leverage a suite of modules from Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform to bolster DTC ecommerce performance:

Personalized Search: to provide a hyper-relevant search experience that improves product discovery and reduces administration, letting shoppers seamlessly search based on any product attributes, with little intervention from the team

Categroy Merchandising: to access AI-powered merchandising rules that automatically reorder product listings on category pages, prioritizing products with high CTRs and CRs, while demoting out-of-stock products

Content Personalization: to create urgency on PDPs through a combination of FOMO messaging that highlights how many times a product has been bought or viewed, as well as low-stock warnings triggered by real-time catalog data

Behavioral Pop-Ups: to trigger strategic discount codes to appear upon shoppers copying and pasting product codes from PDPs as effective retention campaigns

“Using Nosto enables us to deliver a seamless experience, increasing sales through innovative campaigns such as smart pop-ups, personalized messaging, recommendations, search, and category merchandising.”

Monique Green, Ecommerce Manager, Casio UK