Intelligent commerce
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VTEX brands

Top VTEX brands use Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) to scale and grow with relevant and authentic shopping experiences for every customer, at every touchpoint.
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Enterprise-grade personalization at scale

By connecting Nosto to VTEX, brands can create intelligent, personalized shopping experiences with a CXP geared towards the reliability, efficiency, and security that enterprise teams need. The out-of-the-box integration seamlessly fuses VTEX and Nosto, facilitating hassle-free implementation and a fast go-live for a better time to value. 

Daniela Jurado, VTEX
EVP Sales & Marketing NA

“Having Nosto in our ecosystem confirms our strong belief in the future of ‘Pragmatic Composability’. Our clients need to be free to complete our commerce offer with tools and partners that will positively impact their operations in terms of conversation rate, loyalty, customer experience, and profitability.”

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