Intelligent commerce
experiences with
Nosto and Simon Data

Fuse rich onsite and offsite data to create hyper-specific audience segments to target across the full commerce experience, using Simon Data’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) with Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform (CXP).
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Enabling brands to create hyper-targeted commerce experiences

Connecting Nosto and Simon Data enables brands to create distinct shopper segments, enriched by Simon’s advanced customer data aggregation. These segments can then be targeted with hyper-personalized on-site experiences that are highly relevant to a shopper, and are delivered at precisely the right moment.

Brian Murphy
Partner Mgr., Simon Data

“Nosto and Simon Data share the belief that highly personalized experiences create the happiest customers and best clients. Together, our joint solution allows marketers to bring rich segmentation data to every corner of the customer journey, including onsite. Nosto’s ability to take attributes from Simon and surface them for the customer while shopping is a key element to an effective journey that builds life-long relationships between brand and consumer.”

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