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Data Protection & Privacy

At Nosto, we respect and value privacy and data protection rights and recognize the importance of protecting the personal data we collect and process. In addition to our detailed privacy and cookie notices, we publish and maintain concrete guidelines and technical resources to enable our customers to comply with respective regulations and best utilize our security and privacy tooling. Please find below and overview of our technical tooling and links to additional resources. 

Nosto’s Data Privacy Control Tools

Please take a look at these new tools for data privacy controls and make choices about data settings.

Data Control Controls

Data control tools allow you to configure what personal data (types) Nosto will process and store to produce personalisation features. Nosto will cease to process the specified customer information from the time these settings are enabled. Read more.

Customer Data Removal Tool

Customer removal tool removes all personal data of an individual(s) collected by Nosto based on an email address in case you as a merchant receive a request to remove personal records of an individual. Read more.

Customer Data Takeout Tool

This tool prints out a record for data processor about all the data what Nosto has collected of an individual customer based on an email address. Read more.

Customer Data Removal via API

The Redaction API allows you remove all personally identifiable information associated with a customer. Read more.

Nosto’s Guides

Tooling to help you to write your Privacy Policy Document

Customer Data Takeout Tool

Marketing Permission Tagging for Triggered Emails

Disabling Nosto for a Customer

Sender Email Address Re-Verification

In The Blog

Want to learn more about how Nosto is addressing data privacy topics? Check out the tools we’ve put in place to help our clients remain compliant, as well as how we continue to safeguard personal data. Read more