Create powerfully
personalized shopping

91% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from brands that offer personalized shopping experiences.

Bolster your sales, CR, and AOV with AI-powered personalization software that lets you build hyper-relevant shopping journeys at scale.
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Access a real-time data engine
that processes actionable intelligence

Rely on a rich data engine to constantly unify all your audience, content, and product data in real-time, digesting this into clear insight ready for you to action and personalize the entire onsite experience for shoppers.

Boost product discovery by personalizing
search and category page results

Tailor both your search results and category pages towards audience segments or individuals, based on lifecycle stage, size affinity, traffic source, and more, strategically promoting and demoting products.

Drive conversions with powerful product recommendations

Boost conversions with effective product recommendations across your store, fed by real-time behavioral and transactional data, as well as Predictive AI that intelligently suggests what a shopper is most likely to purchase, increasing conversion likelihood.

Deliver personalized, timely offers through
strategic pop-ups

Urge shoppers to take specific actions (such as email sign-ups and conversions) with timely messages in behaviorally triggered pop-ups that drive conversions, retention, and email subscriptions, and reduce cart abandonment.

Deliver hyper-personalized shopping experiences across channels

Export your shopper segments into offsite channels so you can personalize the likes of marketing emails, paid ads, and more, creating tailored omnichannel experiences that work in harmony with your site. Plus, embed personalized product recommendations within your marketing emails to entice shoppers back to the store.

Increase engagement
through personalized content experiences

Supplement your personalized product experiences with highly engaging content that’s personalized to any segment in real-time. Think hero banners, videos, copy, menus, logos, content tiles, layouts—you name it.

Earn more revenue with Nosto’s
AI-powered personalization

100% increase in category page conversions

“If our brand is investing in making all of our products available up to size 28, we need tools such as Nosto’s Category Merchandising to make sure that customers with an affinity to curve sizes will see those items as soon as possible.”

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20% increase in AOV through product recommendations

“We embrace Nosto’s creative potential. It empowers our team to explore new avenues, gather valuable metrics, and test ideas that tailor the customer experience on our site.”

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Powering relevancy with personalized search

“Leveraging segmentation is the perfect opportunity for personalization. If a shopper is searching for linen and has a clear affinity for a certain style, we can make sure to show the most relevant products”

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