Powerful Personalization for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Nosto’s certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud LINK cartridge provides an easy and fast deployment for your online store. By leveraging both the Nosto and SFCC platforms, your shoppers can enjoy fully personalized omnichannel shopping experiences.

Why Nosto for Supercharging
Your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Store?

The Power of Nosto

Using both transactional data and real-time browsing behavior, Nosto analyzes every interaction from across your store to build a deep understanding of your business and every visitor. Using patented Machine Learning algorithms and advanced statistical techniques, our engine is able to predict - and automatically deliver - the most relevant experiences in real-time. This increases customer engagement, conversion rates, average order value, return on ad spend and ultimately revenue.

By combining the powers of Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s centralized content publishing capabilities with Nosto’s Onsite Content Personalization product, you can create rich, engaging experiences across brands, geographies, sites and devices. Like SFCC’s simplified merchandising approach, Nosto also supports multiple domains, languages, and currencies.

A Team of Digital Commerce Experts

Founded by retail professionals and with a sole focus on digital commerce, our Customer Success team has years of experience working with thousands of online retailers. We spend time understanding your specific business goals and work with you on a continuous basis to ensure you are leveraging our technology the right way to achieve them.

True to Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s promise of "rich, engaging experiences" for designers, our team is well versed in front-end design and UX optimization to deliver an equally personalized and visually inspirational customer journey.

Fast Go-to-Market

Nosto is the #1 personalization solution of choice for the world's top digital commerce platforms. Our patented implementation methods ensure risk-free deployment and fast time to market, whilst out-the-box integrations with all the major digital commerce software providers allow you to unify data from across your tech stack with ease.

Nosto is the #1 personalization solution of choice for the world's top digital commerce platforms. Our patented implementation method works hand-in-hand with Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s out-of-the-box website framework that combines best practices in mobile-first site design, merchandising, and technical architecture.

Nosto’s Ecosystem Relationships

Connectors with all the major digital commerce technology providers allow us to both pull in and push out data from Nosto to other channels—removing silos between tools and allowing you to unify personalization across channels.

Nosto’s APIs are fully compatible with Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Open Commerce APIs. This allows you to surface core B2C digital commerce functionality for both developers and third-party apps—enabling you to deploy conversion tools such as mobile commerce apps using scalable APIs, a full development framework, and certified technology partners.

Nosto’s Omnichannel Products
Available on Salesforce Commerce Cloud


By leveraging the entire Nosto platform, retailers see an increase in:

Conversion rate

Average order value

Return on investment (7x)

Revenue (10-30%)

Return on ad spend

Happier customers that buy more


Nosto continuously provide an unrivalled level of account management which has allowed our business to ourish into a successful partnership. We are confident in their ability to keep us updated on the latest technologies available to us, taking our e-commerce business to the next level in the ever-evolving digital retail industry. We would definitely recommend Nosto to anyone looking to leave their competitors in the dust."

Grace Forsythe | Ecommerce Manager at EQVVS

Nosto’s AI-powered Ecommerce Intelligence Engine is Engineered for Scale

At the heart of all our products is our Ecommerce Intelligence Engine. Our product recommendation engine uses advanced machine learning algorithms to predict and automatically deliver the most relevant shopping experiences in real-time, as well as to increase customer engagement and order value to maximize revenue potential for retailers.

Some key facts:

  • Our highly scalable infrastructure is capable of dealing with 3 million concurrent sessions in real-time.
  • We process over 712 GBs of behavioral data and use it to serve recommendations to over 73 million products per day.
  • On average, we handle over 11 million unique visitors per day - totalling over 50 million page views.
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