Scaling with Shopify Plus in 2024

How to keep shoppers from turning to the competition

Our Shopify Plus Guide reveals 5 essential technology areas that Shopify Plus merchants can leverage to provide more value to shoppers at a time they’re abandoning loyalty in hunt for better deals.

In this guide, you’ll discover how to:

  • Triple conversions using Content Personalization to highlight flexible payment options towards hesitant shoppers
  • Optimize search results for conversion likelihood
  • Retain customers through personalized loyalty programs that target ‘at risk’ shoppers and reward valued segments
  • Power flow revenue by 82% when combining SMS with email
  • Ensure a lightening-fast online experience that stops shoppers bouncing, without sacrificing your tech-stack
  • Nail your fulfillment strategy to accelerate growth

…and a whole lot more!

Download our comprehensive Shopify Plus guide now for actionable insights and real-world success stories.