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search experiences

that bolster online revenue

69% of today’s ecommerce shoppers head straight to the search bar, but 80% then leave due to a poor search experience…

Transform your ecommerce search with an AI-powered solution that helps you capitalize on high-intent shoppers—delivering streamlined search experiences that drive greater conversions, loyalty, and more.
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Shorten path-to-purchase and boost CR through highly personalized search experiences

Tailor search results to individual shoppers or audience segments, based on their affinities, purchase history and more, ensuring you’re serving the most relevant results that shoppers are likely to convert on.

Reduce 0 results pages by promising the highest level of accuracy with Semantic AI

Leverage Semantic AI, incorporating NLP, LLM, vector search, and self-learning algorithms, to bridge the gap between human communication and machine understanding. This means faster results delivery and extreme accuracy, even for long-tail queries that lack explicit keywords.

Tailor your search results to meet specific business goals with intelligent merchandising

Ensure search results aren’t only relevant, but are aligned with your business goals, merchandising them in accordance with the products you want shoppers to act upon based on seasonality, stock levels, conversion rate, profit margin, and more.

Shorten time to value with a fully customizable search frontend

Access a rich feature set built specifically for ecommerce search that combines NLP, deep learning, and automation—implemented in weeks, not months. Our code editor easily allows you to tailor the front-end search experience so you remain on-brand.

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