[Connected Commerce] Planning for Anything After The Year That Changed Everything

On Thursday, January 28th, 2021, we hosted the first episode of Connected Commerce, a series focused on building stronger connections between brands and consumers through experiential commerce.

Webinar Speakers
Jan Soerensen General Manager, North America, Nosto
Mick McCarthy Chief Design Officer, Zehner
About This Webinar:

After a year that certainly took all of us by surprise, there’s at least one thing we can be certain of 2020 presented no shortage of lessons and learnings that can help us better prepare for and fuel growth in years to come.

In this fireside chat featuring Jan Soerensen of Nosto and Mick McCarthy of Zehner (a leading Shopify Plus agency), we unpacked the best and worst of 2020, including:

  • How to always be ready for what you can’t predict
  • How to future-proof your commerce operations with a flexible/agile tech stack
  • The impact of “being there” for your customers even through a global disaster
  • High-impact, real-life examples of how brands handled the pandemic and can use learnings to plan for 2021 and beyond