[Connected Commerce] The Ultimate 2021 Conversion Rate Strategy

Welcome to episode 2 of Connected Commerce!

As consumer preferences and shopping patterns continue to change, ecommerce strategy and storefront experience are forced to evolve with them. With more consumers shopping online, metrics like conversion rate and average order value have become that much harder to level up.

Webinar Speakers
Jan Soerensen General Manager, North America at Nosto
Beth Moriarty Vice President Product & Corporate Marketing, Yottaa
Dax Young Director of Strategy, BVA
About This Webinar:

In this fireside chat, featuring Jan Soerensen of Nosto, Beth Moriarty of Yottaa, and Dax Young of BVA (a leading Shopify Plus agency), we covered:

  • Conversion rate trends across different verticals and industries
  • How to optimize your digital storefront to increase conversions of 2021 consumers
  • How to future-proof your brand against continued market change
  •  Examples of real brands that are crushing conversion rate optimization