[Connected Commerce] The Cookie-Less Customer: Driving Brand Owned Relationships Using First Party Data

Welcome to episode 3 of the Connected Commerce series!

When you have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of customers, data becomes critically important for brands committed to understanding their audience and providing the optimal commerce experience. 

But when faced with third-party data, first-party data, and now even zero-party data, coupled with rapidly changing regulations and data privacy laws, how do you balance convenience and compliance, while still putting customers first?

Webinar Speakers
Jan Soerensen General Manager, North America at Nosto
Jake Cohen Head of Product Marketing at Klaviyo
Aaron Orendorff VP of Marketing at Common Thread Collective
About This Webinar:

Hear from Nosto, Klaviyo, and Common Thread Collective on:

  • The latest on data privacy laws and regulations
  • The growing importance of first-party and zero-party data, as opposed to third-party data
  • Why brands should shift to an owned marketing mindset
  • How all of this ties back to the ultimate goal: increasing customer lifetime value (CLTV)