Nosto named ‘Leader’ in E-Merchandising, Ecommerce Personalization, and A/B Testing by global software reviews site, G2

The Commerce Experience Platform received over 20 badges from G2, not least of which included ‘High Performer’, ‘Fastest Implementation’, and ‘Highest User Adoption’ for its search product which launched in February 2023.

G2 collates user ratings and social data on business software to help people make informed purchasing decisions. It is deemed one of largest and most trusted software marketplaces, boasting 80 million users annually. Each quarter, G2 releases reports and awards badges, based on the reviews they gather, to companies that deliver world-class products and experiences for customers, such as Nosto.

Nosto being recognised as a multi-category ‘Leader’, alongside the spectrum of additional award badges it’s earned in G2’s latest report series reflects both the credibility of Nosto’s products and the substantial level of satisfaction among its clients.

Of the 23 awards badges Nosto’s earned in G2’s Spring 2023 reports, key highlights are seen among the following areas:


  • Leader – Ecommerce Personalization 
  • Momentum Leader – Personalization Engines
  • Momentum Leader – Ecommerce Personalization
  • Leader Europe – Ecommerce Personalization
  • High Performer – Personalization Engines


  • Leader – E-Merchandising
  • Momentum Leader – E-Merchandising


  • Fastest Implementation – Ecommerce Search
  • Highest User Adoption – Ecommerce Search
  • High Performer – Ecommerce Search

A/B testing

  • Leader – A/B Testing
  • Leader Europe – A/B Testing

Of these highlights, Nosto’s 3 awards for Search are particularly impressive given the platform launched this product in February this year.

“It’s always an honor to receive recognition from G2, whose awards are based on authentic customer feedback. We’re especially thrilled to see Search obtain multiple awards, demonstrating its outstanding performance in the market. With the recent acquisition of two search solutions, our team has worked exceptionally hard on refining and enhancing our Search offering. It’s gratifying to receive such early recognition for our hard work and commitment to delivering a high quality product”, says Tuukka Häkkinen, Global Head of Product, Nosto.

In addition to the G2 badges that Nosto’s Search product has earned for its high performance, quick implementation, and high adoption, brands using the technology such as Burt’s Bee Baby, are coming forward to speak about its efficacy. In the below video, Joseph DelVecchio, Ecommerce Analyst of Burt’s Bees Baby, for example, speaks about the issues the brand was having with their search prior to onboarding Nosto and shares how transformative Nosto’s Search has been for them.

You can learn more about Nosto’s search product on this page
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