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About Smythson of Bond Street

Smythson of Bond Street is a British manufacturer of luxury leather goods and stationary that has been in operation since the late 1800s. The retailer now operates brick and mortar stores in five cities in five different countries across the globe, and offers their full catalogue to be shipped worldwide via their online store. With a product personalisation category on their website’s navigation bar, Smythson is a strong believer in offering not only personalised products but highly personalised customer experiences.


As a company with a focus on white-glove service, it was vital for Smythson to maintain its reputation for luxury as they entered the digital age. Before working with Nosto, Smythson’s experience with product recommendations was limited to the capabilities offered by their ecommerce platform Magento. These were nice, but the luxury goods company wanted to deliver a much more personalised experience to their customers. Interested in learning about the offerings out there, and how they could improve their online performance, Smythson was extremely open to what Nosto had to offer.


Product Recommendations & Pop-ups

To start, Smythson implemented Nosto’s Product Recommendations on both their product detail pages and their cart page. The primary goal of this move was to increase conversion rate by giving shoppers a seamless experience to browse variations of products while they are either viewing a specific product or in the process of purchasing it. Another goal Smythson wanted to accomplish with this move was to increase average order value by displaying products that were commonly bought with products that shoppers were either on the detail page for or had in their cart. In addition to their multi-page product recommendations strategy, Smythson began deploying personalised cart abandonment pop-ups that gave shoppers a second chance to purchase a product they had in their cart but didn’t quite commit to.



Platform change and proving unique value

After a few months of running both Nosto’s product recommendations and personalised pop-ups with favourable results, it became time for Smythson to switch ecommerce platforms from Magento to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. With the change, Smythson decided they wanted to attempt using Commerce Cloud’s native product recommendations while maintaining their use of Nosto’s personalised pop-ups. A few short months later, Smythson concluded that Commerce Cloud’s product recommendations were far too limited for their needs, as they wanted to showcase colour variations of their products and not just different product variations in their recommendations, so they immediately re-implemented Nosto’s Product Recommendations.

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