Combine the power of personalization with control over how products are displayed on your category pages

Most product discovery happens on category pages — yet the majority of shoppers never get past the first page. With Nosto’s Category Merchandising, you can ensure that the right products are shown where shoppers will see them.

Personalize based on shopper behavior, and layer in product filtering strategies based on performance metrics and rich product attributes.

Use sorting to dynamically arrange products on category pages based on multiple goals and KPIs

Sorting allows you to arrange an infinite amount of products in a specific order based on different product attributes and performance metrics. Select multiple attributes and performance goals together and give different weights to each of them to fine-tune sort order.

Learn how Skinnydip London used Category Merchandising to achieve a 16% higher AVV site-wide, a 15% higher conversion rate site-wide, and a 8x ROI.

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Highlight specific products in the most vital areas on category pages to address specific promotional needs

Highlights set your products at the top of the category page in a hero section. This can be used to create “end of aisle display”-type experiences on category pages to ensure certain products are always in the most prominent spots. Use highlights to push newer products, promote your most profitable product, liquidate surplus inventory, and much more.

Learn how highlighting can be used to automate top of category page experiences that support campaigns or seasonal products.

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Assign different personalization and merchandising rules for different customer segments

Different lifecycle stages and affinities drive different merchandising goals. Assign different sorting and highlighting filters to different segments to further personalize each shopper’s experience and optimize towards multiple goals.

Learn how to use Category Merchandising with segments to create category page experiences based on preferences and affinities.

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Use A/B testing to prove which merchandising strategies work best with different customer segments

Merchandising requires both good data and human judgment. By combining Nosto’s A/B Testing capabilities with Category Merchandising, retailers can definitively prove which strategies are optimal, and remove guesswork and manual analysis.

Learn how different testing strategies for your Category Merchandising setup can lead to higher performing experiences.

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Integrations for every ecommerce tech stack

Create category page experiences that utilize social proof and user-generated content.

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