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Nosto’s AI-powered Ecommerce Intelligence Engine has been developed and refined over the past 7 years by a team of engineers, data scientists and PhDs.

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Nosto’s AI-powered
Ecommerce Intelligence Engine

Trained solely on ecommerce data, our proprietary set of machine learning algorithms have analyzed billions of shopping journeys across thousands of online stores. With each new interaction, our Engine is continuously learning what drives successful shopping experiences so that we can maximize the performance of your individual store.





Social Layer
The fourth and final layer is the Integrations and APIs layer in which we enrich data from elsewhere across your ecommerce stack. This could be social data such as ratings and reviews or user-generated content, or data we push out to other tech providers such as ESPs.

Revenue Optimization Layer
Analyzes the past revenue performance of every product, giving additional weighting to products that will maximize your revenue potential.

Shopper Profiles
Rich data profiles unique to each of your online store visitors. Using a unique identifier we capture the shopper’s location and their individual tastes and preferences, including price sensitivity, brand affinity, purchase history and more.

The Product Graph
A deep understanding of every product in your store and how they are related to one another: Nosto captures product variant details, margin data, inventory levels, most commonly bought together products or what products shoppers actually go on to buy most after viewing a particular product.

Integrates Seamlessly Across Your Entire Ecommerce Tech Stack

Nosto integrates with all the main ecommerce platforms, allowing us to pull valuable back-end data such as inventory levels, product variants and multi-currency data.

Connectors with all the major ecommerce technology providers allow us to both pull in and push out data from Nosto to other channels - removing silos between tools and allowing you to unify personalization across channels.

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Power at Your Fingertips

In today's fast-paced world of ecommerce, marketers must be able to react quickly to new opportunities. Deploy new campaigns and modify existing ones without the need for additional IT resources.

Nosto's beautifully-designed user interface and sophisticated tooling gives you full control over merchandizing rules within our platform, allowing you to tailor algorithms to your specific business needs.

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Rapid, Risk-free Deployment

Nosto is the #1 personalization solution of choice for the world's top ecommerce platforms.

We have plugins for all the major ecommerce platforms, and our patented implementation methods ensure risk-free deployment and fast time to market irrespective of your specific setup.

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Shopify Plus
Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Nosto takes all the manual work out of creating related products and upsells not only on the product detail page, but across the full website and emails.

The solution uses data to make intelligent decisions on what products to show customers, so the conversion on upsells and related product blocks is much higher now compared to when they were manually merchandised.

The reporting dashboard is very clear and informative and allows us to effortlessly track performance and make changes where required. We also have the ability to test and adjust algorithms as and when we wish.

Laura G, Ecommerce Manager

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A Team of Ecommerce Experts

You can have the most powerful technology in the world, but software will only get you so far. It takes a human touch to understand how best to harness the technology and tailor it to your specific needs.

In the same way that our algorithms have been trained purely on data from ecommerce stores, our team has years of experience working with thousands of online retailers. We were founded by ecommerce professionals and therefore have a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to ecommerce.

When you start with Nosto, you are given a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will spend time understanding your specific business goals and then work with you on a continuous basis to ensure you are leveraging our technology the right way to achieve them.