Segmentation & Insights

Personalized coupon bottom banner

Offer a coupon or discount in the bottom right or left corner of any page in order to convince hesitant shoppers that it’s worth purchasing…

Personalized banner content

Offer the latest and greatest with personalized banners that take into account what each shopper is interested in. Tie different offers to each segment in…

Personalized payment options

Payment options can be make or break for a lot of shoppers. The difference between paying fully in the moment or having 4 equal payments…

Homepage email collection pop-up

Offer a personalized experience right from the get-go by asking shoppers to submit their email right on the homepage. Capturing a shopper’s email right when…

Selection PDP product recommendations

Personalized ecommerce experiences are about relevant options. Deliver a selection of product recommendations with different filtering options; showcase both the previous products the shopper has…

Custom homepage product recommendations

At the core of ecommerce personalization is product recommendations, and the first recommendations you deliver are your first impression with a customer. Offering merchandised product…


How Cykloteket is using Nosto’s segmentation and insights to deliver 1:1 personalized experiences on social media.

Robert Dyas

How A/B Testing & Optimisation can reveal valuable insights into brand affinities and the home page experience.

Tu & Co (ENG)

Tuandco increased average order value by 36% using Nosto.

Fashion Bunker

Fashion Bunker used Nosto’s new A/B Testing & Optimization tool to test how individual segments react to different product page recommendation variations. Using this tool, they’ve achieved a 16% increase in conversions of first-time visitors and a 6% lift in click-through rate.


Since going live with Nosto in 2016 the original Domu site continued to grow until 2018 when the decision was made to split the site into three distinct brands: VonHaus, VonShef and Beautify.

Solodeportes & Summa Solutions – ES

Solodeportes nació en 1954 como un pequeño negocio familiar dedicado a la venta de material deportivo. Hoy en día Solodeportes suma más de 400 empleados, 22 sucursales y un canal E-commerce que hoy en día se han convertido en uno de sus principales canales de ventas.

Tu & Co (ES)

Tuandco incrementó su tiquete medio de compra un 36% con Nosto.

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