Where Personalization Meets Social Proof: The Key Ingredients for Building Buyer Trust in Your Brand

Our latest integration with Yotpo enables online retailers to leverage the combined powers of personalization and UGC. To introduce the integration and explore the benefits of combining these two strategies, we’re passing the mic over to the crew at Yotpo!

Picture the original consumer cunningly sauntering through the ancient marketplace. She has the same purchase behavior as her tech-savvy modern-day counterpart; swap the basket for a mobile-optimized checkout page, and the same habits apply.

She will only buy from places she trusts.

In an online market where choice is endless, brands are becoming increasingly aware that they not only need to understand their customers better, but know how to gain their trust as well.

Adding to Yotpo’s partnership with Nosto, our latest integration combines personalization with visual user-generated content (UGC) to help you boost buyer trust and conversions by leveraging customer content in personalized marketing campaigns. Nosto’s behavior-based recommendations link the right customers to the right products at the right time. Paired with Yotpo’s customer photos, ratings, and reviews, it’s easier than ever to increase customer trust and remove barriers to purchase.


Why UGC?

We’ve long known that shoppers are actively seeking out customer reviews, photos, and other types of UGC to better inform their purchase decisions. Unlike the marketplace of old, customers can’t use touch or taste to inform their purchases.

A Yotpo study of on-site consumer behavior found that nearly ⅓ of all visitors to eCommerce sites click to view customer photos or read reviews. It gives an added sense of security and confidence to know that another customer bought, used, and enjoyed the product being considered.

By showcasing UGC you are:

  • Helping shoppers see how products are used in real life
  • Showing that other people were pleased with the quality of their purchase
  • Encouraging shoppers to relate to like-minded customers

User-generated content goes beyond display and even conversion — it also impacts everything from brand recognition to product development. Customer reviews are a window into consumer sentiment about products and service, giving brands a far more in-depth view of customer satisfaction than any survey or questionnaire can provide.

Using the latest developments in AI, brands now have the opportunity to analyze their customer’s own words to find out what they love and what needs improvement, rather than using just star ratings as a guiding light. For brands, having that immediate feedback gives them a leg-up over the competition, since they can quickly sort out any issues identified by their customers.


Why personalization?

In today’s eCommerce space, shoppers expect an individualized experience. Showing your shoppers the wrong products will lead them to lose interest in your brand.

Alternately, relevant, hyper-personalized ads and on-site experiences will:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Eliminate purchase friction by showing your customers exactly what they’re looking for
  • Build an emotional connection with your brand, as customers feel their needs are understood.


Where UGC meets personalization

Instead of showing shoppers a social ad or on-site pop-up with your best selling products, combining the power of UGC and personalization allows you to show specific products they’ve browsed previously alongside customer photos, ratings, and reviews. The added layer of social proof gives shoppers the confidence they need to make a purchase.

By analyzing thousands of data-points in real-time, personalization ensures brands can programmatically display the best UGC in the right place at the right time.


Creating relevant online shopping experiences

  1. Recommend products with UGC: Catch shopper attention on your homepage with Nosto’s recommended products widget that features UGC. Showcase your top-rated products as “recommended” to increase conversion, since products with an average of 4 stars get 11.6 times more orders than products with 3 stars.
  2. Use dynamic recommendations based on shoppers’ past behavior: If a customer is interested in purchasing a particular moisturizer, for example, tailoring dynamic product recommendations to promote a number of related products — from similar creams to complementary products like face wash or a toner — will drive average order value up and increase revenue by 12%. Automatically add customer photos, ratings and reviews to recommendations for additional social proof.
  3. Increase click-through rate with Facebook and Instagram ads: Create high-converting ads that draw shoppers to your site using authentic user-generated photos that showcase your customers using your products. Ads that feature UGC fit in seamlessly to social networks like Facebook and Instagram as they appear like any other user sharing a photo, breaking through banner blindness and encouraging shoppers to click through to purchase.


Nosto + Yotpo

Integrating Nosto with Yotpo is quick to set up, which means you can start creating personalized shopping experiences that feature high-converting UGC for your customers in no time!

About Yotpo

Yotpo helps brands leverage customer reviews and photos throughout the buyer journey to increase trust, social proof, and sales. With Yotpo, businesses can collect every type of user-generated content and use it to build a stronger brand and better customer experience.

Yotpo’s integrated solution lets brands collect, curate, manage, and respond to user-generated content from a single platform. That’s why the world’s leading commerce brands, like Away Travel, MVMT Watches, UNTUCKit, and Esurance, choose to grow with Yotpo. An official partner of Google, Facebook, and Shopify, Yotpo has raised $101 million in funding and has over 300 employees globally.

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