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Leveraging Nosto, Urbanara provides 1:1 personalization to customers on Shopify Plus. Urbanara achieved a 94% increase in conversion and 123% increase in average visit value…

Tu & Co (ENG)

Tuandco increased average order value by 36% using Nosto.

Melvin & Hamilton

Using Nosto and Styla, Melvin & Hamilton focuses on optimizing the shopping experience for its customers with a modern personalization strategy and engaging content.


Since going live with Nosto in 2016 the original Domu site continued to grow until 2018 when the decision was made to split the site into three distinct brands: VonHaus, VonShef and Beautify.

Woodhouse Clothing

Since 1975, Woodhouse has been paving the way for modern menswear. Now a premium online retailer, their unique portfolio of over 50 brands includes BOSS and Armani, alongside new and niche brands, such as C.P. Company, Albam and Wood Wood. Forty years on, Woodhouse still embodies its original values, housing only the best brands on the global market, with the aim of bringing that personal touch back to the world of retail.

Solodeportes & Summa Solutions – ES

Solodeportes nació en 1954 como un pequeño negocio familiar dedicado a la venta de material deportivo. Hoy en día Solodeportes suma más de 400 empleados, 22 sucursales y un canal E-commerce que hoy en día se han convertido en uno de sus principales canales de ventas.

Tu & Co (ES)

Tuandco incrementó su tiquete medio de compra un 36% con Nosto.

Solodeportes & Summa Solutions

Solodeportes was founded in 1954 as a small family business dedicated to selling sports equipment and apparel. Today, the Solodeportes team is comprised of over 400 employees, 22 branches across Argentina and an eCommerce channel which has become one of the company’s main sales drivers.
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Dominando La Personalización Ecommerce

La Guía Para Transformar Experiencias Con Contenido Relevante El contenido personalizado es vital para captar y mantener la atención de los clientes en el mercado…

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